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There are numerous things to consider when determining which staffing firm is right for you: Experience, Reputation, and pricing, to name a few. Of significant importance is an organization’s recruiting approach – even with the most experience, the best reputation, and the lowest pricing, if an agency is unable to attract qualified candidates, you end up back at square one. Here at TechFlyte, we take pride in the recruiting differentiators that put us a level above our industry peers.
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A Company That Is Right For You



With 50 years of combined experience across the staffing industry, we can say we know the ins and outs of recruiting – we also know the importance of finding the right talent to fill your needs quickly. We use multiple tried and true approaches to hit the mark and exceed our client’s expectations.



TechFlyte is a trusted name in the Aviation Industry. Our professional, knowledgeable staff bring not only experience, but ingenuity to the table when working to fill our clients needs.



We pride ourselves on our competitive pricing approach. Our Sales and Development team will work with you to get pricing that is right on target to fit YOUR budget.


As you consider your next partner, remember that staffing agencies are only as good as their recruiting approach. You need qualified candidates – and fast. TechFlyte invests in the tools, people, technology and processes to recruit the right employees for your organization. With 50 years of experience, a proven track record of delivering the right talent to clients, and evidenced recruiting methodologies, TechFlyte is the total package

Cloud-Based Talent Relationship Marketing Platform

  • Helps pinpoint candidates and leads
  • Allows us to deploy email and drip campaigns
  • Identified candidate sources and ad success
  • Gain extensive analytical data

Candidate Marketing Team

  • Conduct meetings with branch offices to identify opportunities
  • Deploy job ads across every job board
  • Use advanced technology to track, engage, place, and pay employees in real-time

Call Center

  • Allows us to focus on account management, job fairs, and grassroots marketing efforts
  • Helps maximize recruiting results, which decreases the time to fill orders
  • Increases candidate and client experience

Offshore Recruiting

  • Improved candidate and client experience, efficiency and communication
  • Contact candidates within 24 hours
  • Enhanced candidate identification and speed to fill